I am an illustrator and I have a bachelors degree in graphic design. I have been drawing in every class I have ever had ever since i can remember. Nose down, focused, and buried in a sketch book. Getting my ideas onto paper, or reading a comic book and learning perspective, gestures, and color theory. I have never been happier in life using my skills and talents to create and design.  I would like to thank my folks, Ken and Monica Wells, for being the absolute best parents, and buying me art supplies and stoking the fire. My inspiration is my wife Tiffany, she has been my biggest supporter and fan ever since we met. She gave me the confidence, and will, to get back into school and put myself out there. My beautiful children Harlow and Waylon give me all the reasons in the world, to spread love,  do great design, and try and make a positive impact on this planet while I am here.